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Unofficial background checks are done using Oklahoma public records access.

What Is An Expungement?

Public records will let Oklahoma residents know more about:. Unofficial background checks are done by accessing public records in various ways throughout Oklahoma.

Some information is easy to find, and some requires a little more effort. Either way, an unofficial background check can be done by anyone who wants to know more about a resident of Oklahoma. Official Oklahoma background checks are the best way to find out if an individual has criminal convictions in Oklahoma, but these checks are not free. Name-based searches allow for up to three aliases, but will not show records for aliases not listed by the individual requesting the background check.

Unofficial background checks utilizing public access are generally free, but researchers must know how to properly find the information they seek.

Oklahoma Background Check Experts

These checks will usually tell an individual if records are found, but will require payment to actually access the information. Much of it is often incomplete, incorrect, or does not apply to what the individual is requesting. Older cases are retained by the Supreme Court of Oklahoma and are available for public access by request. Other records are generally not available to individuals unless the records reference actions for which the individual was a party. There are two sources of public records access in Oklahoma.

One is maintained through the Oklahoma Supreme Court and provides records for 17 counties. The other is a site maintained by a private party that provides free public records access to 77 counties in Oklahoma and is called On Demand Court Records.

Oklahoma Background Check and Public Records | Oklahoma City, OK Patch

The two systems are linked together and will display concurrent information. Some documents are available to view online in either a. Oklahoma has few rules restricting the use of background checks for employment.

The EEOC has recommended that employers refrain from asking about arrests and convictions on job applications, as some of these questions have been found to violate anti-discrimination laws. Employers must request that prospective employees sign a consent form to conduct a background check. Applicants are entitled to a free copy of background checks used for employment in Oklahoma.

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Background checks are required when purchasing a firearm through a federally licensed firearms dealer. Private sales are not restricted in Oklahoma. Background checks are not required for private sales.

OSBI criminal reports available online, for $15 each

Individuals who knowingly sell or give a firearm to a person they know is banned from possessing a firearm can be charged with a crime under Oklahoma laws. The total number of conducted firearm background checks in Oklahoma for decreased compared to and is lower than the national average of , with December being the month with the most firearm background checks — 41, Purchasers of firearms in Oklahoma must be 18 or older. Felons, violent criminals, mentally ill, substance addicts, and persons with certain convictions as minors are prevented from purchasing firearms in Oklahoma.

In Oklahoma and other states, background checks are used to limit the possession of firearms by the mentally ill, drug addicted, or convicted felons. Although the state has minimal gun laws and no requirement for a permit or registration, it is illegal to sell a gun to anyone in the disqualified categories. Law enforcement requires a permit for concealed carry of a handgun, which may not be carried into any establishment that sells alcohol, allows gambling, or is a school or government building.

Search Oklahoma Background Check and Oklahoma Public Records using official state online resources.

Official background checks using either a name-based or fingerprint-based search will examine the statewide criminal database. Dale Denwalt has closely followed state policy and politics since his first internship as an Oklahoma Capitol reporter in He graduated from Northeastern State University in his hometown of Tahlequah.

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A similar court records service, ODCR, offers a free basic search. If a copy of the report is requested, the employer must request that a copy be provided to the subject at the same time that the employer requests its copy of the report from the investigating agency.

The report sent to the subject is to be provided free of charge OK Stat. Criminal Background Checks. Verification of Previous Employment. Background Checks and the Law Handout. Unqualified Letter of Recommendation for Departing Employee.