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Chevrolet Impala SS June, Unlike other years and models you can't just simply look at the VIN number and tell. The cowl tag is one way to.

The number is 12 characters and indicates the model, the model year and the production week the vehicle was produced. The letters refer to the model of the cart and the first two numbers represent the year the golf cart was made. The letter A means that it is an electric cart. PQ means Precedent Electric. Here is an example given by the Club Car website:. The owner said it was a model. I believed him. I just now checked the VIN after reading your instructions of how to do it and it reads: A Is this an 85' model and have I been duped?

E-Z-GO MPT Golf Cart Serial Number Look-Up

You will see a one or two letter prefix followed by a series of numbers. The first two numbers designate the model year of your vehicle. You can always contact your local Club Car dealer as well to verify. Perhaps the owner of the Club Car was not aware of how to identify the model year of the golf cart? Yamaha Golf Cart Serial Number. I am trying to insure a Yamaha Gas Golf cart and am having trouble finding the serial and model number.

Great question! Yamaha is notorious for making serial numbers difficult to find. With other makes they can be found in a consistent location - not with Yamaha. They keep changing where they place this important little number. Quick Store Search. Brand Of Cart.

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Online Store Menu. Click below to print a PDF of this file and take it mobile Locating and Deciphering your serial number and manufacturer's code Prior to the numbers are on a metal tag under the driver's seat on the fender skirt. From until the number is on a metal tag under the passenger side dash board.

On and newer the manufacturer's code is found on a plate inside the glove box on the passenger side. The carts manufactured in the s had the year at the end of the manufacture code. Carts made in the s up until are much harder to decipher. Note the GE on the end of Model Number.

This indicates an electric cart with a General Electric motor. For identifying electric carts use our General Electric Serial Number Guide located in the Miscellaneous Cart section to help determine the year of your cart. Note the GE on the end of the model number on this one as well. The motor on this one had a serial number code of DLN indicating that the motor was manufactured in April of It would appear that the first two numbers on the Serial Number of this cart are indicating the year but not so on the example of the above. This is why the s E-Z-GOs are harder to identify. There is a great deal of additional information below to help you identify your year of manufacture.

The year of manufacture for these carts is found in the manufacture's code. The earlier carts used the first two numbers of the Manufacture Code but did not state it was the Manufacture Code on the metal tag. They used this numbering system up until when they went to the last two number scheme which they still use.

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This is a SERIAL NUMBERS from to to to to to to to to From and newer the manufacturer's code is found on a plate inside the glove box on the passenger side. The arrangement of the Manufacturer's Code begins with a letter and the last 2 digits are the year. Example: J is a Helpful hints to identify your car: First car was made in In the top was extended from 48 inches to 54 inches, and the supports were changed from round to square.

The X leg top was discontinued. E-Z-GO Spirit was first built in , a 2 seater, wrap around windshield and front bumper, with recessed head and tail lights. E-Z-GO Fleet was first built in and is the common golf course model. E-Z-GO Freedom was first built in and included the lights. It had a plastic front bumper and a metal body. This is a Marathon Model From to the steel bodied carts were the Medalist model. They had a single seat back with a hand hold in the top and a medal body.

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From and newer they made the plastic body cart named the TXT Model. This cart also had a single seat back. This engine had four head bolts.

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It was painted blue. It had an internal starter generator. This engine had six head bolts.

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