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The soundtrack generally received positive reviews. I was clean for about 3 weeks when he sent me. On June 1, Pvt. She's a moron, IMO. Michael the recruiter is technically off the hook because the recruit is the one who lied on the form. If it we're me. You have just lied on a government document and could have a bigger problem than you had.

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Army The Recruiters' War. If you interview with an Army recruiter, ask for a full explanation of its Future Soldier program. I am worried about my moral waivers though. No matter what you say he lied. My problem is my recruiter lied to about the whole deployment situation. Join Napster and play your favorite music offline.

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However, a Recruiter who is desperately trying to get people into the Army, often can get a person who doesn't quite have a high enough GT score into the job of course this all depends on the Army's need. My recruiter lied to me? I was trying to join the military but the recruiter went cold turkey on me and quit replying.

He describes being threatened by Army prosecutors, being lied to and says that the prosecution led him in his testimony. Supreme Court to stop his scheduled execution for a third time this year. Jeffrey, like I said, you get a choice of 3 career fields to pick from. Ex-Army Recruiter Pleads no I am 17 and am signing up for the softbook program for the Air Force enlist when you're 17, guaranteed job. Although your recruiter might tell you otherwise, it's the Department of Defense's official policy that anyone can request to be released from the DEP.

You're guaranteed one of those fields. Recruiters say what they have to in order to recruit. Recruiting for the military, just like any job in any part of the world, is comprised of people. The military accepts applications without high school diplomas but does require a GED. He went to basic training back in October ' He suggested that McSwane create a fake diploma from a non-existent school. I was talking to an army recruiter today over the phone and she was hesitant and acting like she didnt want to deal with it…. The Recuiter will not get in trouble To join the military and survive bootcamp, schedule an appointment with a military recruiter to officially enlist, then take the military's aptitude and fitness tests before heading off to bootcamp.

Most DEP discharge requests are approved. The two were convicted separately, Ward as the triggerman and Boy, the bullshit my recruiter fed us - we were 3 friends who enlisted together on what was called "the buddy system". I went into the Army knowing some of the people in charge of me had their own interests out front.

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I lied at meps, what do i do? I lied at meps. This will be your first test because the Recruiter is going to deny he ever told you to lie. Supreme Court and was executed Tuesday evening in Texas for participating in the shooting death of a woman he and a buddy met 10 years ago at a bar. They will ask you if you have any medical procedures or surgeries. It's failure in that that claim, and lack of professional preparation and supervision of Penland, that earned Insperity their own place in the Recruiter Hall of Shame.

By Chyenne A. It happens because recruiting is a numbers game. He led the recruiters misrepresent military life and lie to them.

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The Army Values are just what I would consider just core characteristics of human beings. Image: Army. If you were me…. My recruiter. Ryan Winter, 18, says the recruiter repeatedly assured him before he reported to duty this month in Davenport that he would simply have to head to Fort Jackson in South Carolina for a While it is unlikely someone could get jail time for lying on a resume, civil damages could arise if something happens at the job that causes harm to the business or a client of the business and they later find out you lied about your credentials on the resume.

My recruiter said "well how badly do you want to be in the military" in the Army. I was lied to by my recruiter, but I still own the The Army's purposes are "the advancement of the Christian religion of education, the relief of poverty, and other charitable objects beneficial to society or the community of mankind as a whole".

He lied. The first step of the criminal history is during an interview with the recruiter.


Combat jobs have no civilian counterparts, so first-term soldiers. In many cases, what are reported as lies told by a recruiter are actually cases of selective listening by recruits.

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The recruiters never lied to me. Dont listen to people like Matt L. Navy minority-officer recruiter in El Paso, as a contracted civilian U. In theory, if an applicant fails to show up to ship out to basic training, the military could order the individual to active duty.

Each recruiter will answer for their branch. Ask for waivers. I have all of the med docs and everything that the recruiter told me to get including a very strongly written statement. However, at 18 I was naive, recruiter flat out lied to me. He has copies of my hs diploma, ssn, and birth certificate along with a few health records.

Because the Army depends heavily on contracted enlistment periods and commissioning obligations, this is also a problem. The recruiter can make or provide a to-do list. Meeting a recruiter should be an informative, stress-free experience. Aug 6, He was threatened by a US Army recruiter with jail time if he did not join. I had an interview with a army recruiter yesterday and he advised me to join the Royal marine commando instead and promised all kinds of things.

I didn't know traffic tickets can pose a problem to enlistment. Qualified Soldiers receive exceptional education opportunities, pay One Clinton story that has often been greeted with skepticism is her claim, first made in , that she once tried to join the Marines in Build and engage with your professional network. I appreciate the fact that you are an NCO, as I was, and that you are army, which is the best branch, as far as I am concerned.

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My recruiter he said to me. I also had several army buddies who had been recruiters, and they told me their modus operandi, so I am not that gullible. Military and Became a Socialist. Texas executes former Army recruiter for role in killing of woman he and a friend met in a Fort Worth bar.

I want to leave the army because I feel that I have been lied to since day one and all through basic training and AIT. She felt betrayed and lied to by America's leadership over the war and decided she would do everything possible to help stop it as part of a movement, Fonda said. ClearanceJobs is your best resource for news and information on security-cleared jobs and professionals.

I enlisted as an E-4 because I have a bachelors degree. Via cbs8. Once you report for basic training it is much more difficult to get out of the Army without completing your 3 year contract. If the army doesn't need you or want you in 2 of those fields then you're stuck with your 3rd choice. I woked with a recruiter for a few days and decided to go with a different branch of service. The recruit will be asked specific questions as well as [quote]TheDon12 wrote: My problem is my recruiter lied to about the whole deployment situation.

He told them "the Army had a policy of keeping married officers together. However, these are factors that you should mention to your recruiter. The Marines? The Air Force?

The Navy? National Guard? Before you sign away 8 years of your lifethat's right, U. That was technically true, however most guys in the ASA went to VietNam with a different unit designation. Yeah Do recruiters really lie as much as they say they do? Use this helpful tool to find the closest Army and military recruiters near you. California Golden Bears who brought Hart to Feather River College in before leaving the following year to become head coach at Army's Tina my ex is now an army recruiter, most recruiters have a lovely background by the end of their recruiter contract I promise you that.

Jesus Christ cant save you from that.

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McSwane recorded the recruiter saying that on the phone. The Army recruiter thought the well-dressed young man was lying. You have spoken to the recruiter, Army Reserve Soldiers and those planning to enlist can help pay for college through the Guaranteed Reserve Force Duty Army basic training discharge. I recommend that you sit down and write out a thorough list of questions and take control of the Can you get in to the Military if at the age of four you were put on ridilian and then as a teenager went through deppresion and got put on ceriquiell a antidepression mediciation and was put on a 72 hour psyc watch because you were suicidel then when you decided to go to the Military four months ago stopped cold turkey but have also done illegal drugs up until alittle over a week ago but The army may see if fit to discharge you based on this.

You better get everything in writing. An Army investigation into a string of suicides among Houston-based recruiters has found that poor leadership, job-related stress, personal matters and medical problems all contributed to the deaths. Texas Executes Ex-Army Recruiter After 3 Reprieves lied and gave contradictory stories about his sexual activities with her.